Hello! My name is Daingcebo Mtshali and this is the wonderful world of myself the first thing they ask us to  do in primary school. This is not a CV, this is an online resume or better yet a tool created as a presentation of oneself online in a professional manner.

I am more than my certified profession because of the scarcity of opportunities in our industry.

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Creative Space For Creative Thinkers

The internet is just that, a creative space for creative thinkers. Apart from being a Civil Engineering graduate, I help entrepreneurs get online presence and expand their brands even further.

Don't be afraid to explore, it could lead to something great

Civil Eng.

Civil Eng.

Check out my connection with Civil and Construction.

Web dev.

Web dev.

Check out my connection with Hosting and Websites.

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Web design

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Where Learning Began

Esor pipelines and Ndabenhleh Civils (Pty) LTD

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For more details about my services you can contact the provided personnel that I've had the luxury of working with about my work ethics.

Zuko Nkosi

Ndabenhleh Civils


Dr P Gama


Ntando Masondo

Web Developer